Welcome Artists!

Peninsula Performs! is a new arts education program that connects arts providers directly to students and educators in the Port Angeles School District (PASD). This curriculum-based arts integration approach uses music, dance, theater, and visual arts to find new entry points into learning and aligns with both Common Core State Standards and National Core Arts Standards. 

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Become a Peninsula Performs Teaching Artist

Who Should Apply?

  • Cultural and/or Heritage Organizations 
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Independent Teaching Artists 
  • Museums/Art Institutions 
  • Performing Arts Organizations 
  • Performing Artist and/or Performance Groups/Companies


Peninsula Performs! is committed to employing teaching artists who reside on the North Olympic Peninsula. For more information about becoming a teaching artist, please call or email:

Kayla Oakes
Director of Education & Community Outreach
(360) 477-4679

Minimum Qualifications

  • Be at least 21 years of age or older. 
  • Reside on the North Olympic Peninsula.
  • Represent a unique and clearly articulated art form.
  • Have previously taught, led, or performed your program before a group of people or students.
  • Identify a natural connection between your program and an academic area.
  • Be flexible in adapting your program to a school learning environment.
  • Available to deliver programming/performances during the school day. 
  • Complete background check (District requirements for working with students and going into a school).
  • Attend Mandatory New Arts Provider Orientation

Program Requirements

  • Connect to both a Core Learning Standard in English, Math, Social Studies, Science and a Core Arts Standard in Theater, Dance, Music, or Visual Art. 
  • Programs are between 1–3 day visits and serve an entire grade level for 30–90 minutes per visit.


Application is Currently Closed to Submissions

The Teaching Artist Proposal + Application (includes Step 1 (LOI) & Step 2) is closed for 2022-2023 submissions. Please do not submit applications at this time. 


  • Implemented during the school day, these programs help students learn curriculum through the arts. Student programs have clear learning objectives and are aligned with both Common Core State Standards and National Core Arts Standards and take place in the school building.
  • Programs may be delivered by cultural and/or heritage organizations, educational institutions, independent teaching/performing artists, museums/art institutions, performing arts organizations, and/or performance groups/companies.
  • Programs can be as short as one 45-minute session or as long as three one-hour sessions.
  • All programs go through the Peninsula Performs program application and selection process by a committee of PASD educators, Field Hall’s Education Committee, and Field Hall staff.
  • PASD educators use the Peninsula Performs roster to search and select programs at the start of the school year based on grade level, content area, or art form.

“It is imperative all students have access to an equitable delivery of arts education, which includes dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts that supports their educational, social, and emotional well-being, taught by certified professional arts educators in partnership with community arts providers.” – Kayla Oakes, Field Hall Director of Education & Artistic Engagement


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